Woofie - Slay Grey


Product Description

What’s the best camera for pet photography? The one you already have, of course!

  • The pet treat dispenser that works with your smartphone or tablet
  • Easy to capture your dog’s attention while you snap away
  • Load it up with your pup’s favorite treats and keep his attention
  • Get amazing results time after time

Forget about looking for dog photography tips. If you’re wondering how to take a picture with your dog, then Woofie is for you! Snap a cute dog pic by loading the Woofie with your favorite treat and attaching it to your smartphone, then enjoy the best dog pictures you’ve ever taken. It’s as simple as that! Easy dog pictures every single time. Don’t invest in a dog camera that gives treats when you can work with what you already have and get amazingly beautiful dog pictures time after time.

  • Available in gray, green, or pink
  • Order yours today!