You Love to Treat Your Dog, But Did You Know Your Dog Treats You Too?

Your pet puts a smile on your face every day and hopefully that feeling is mutual! You go above and beyond to make sure that your pet has a great life. When she seems restless at night, you find her the best dog bed you can. When you come home at the end of a long day and your pup has chewed up the carpet, you take measures to find her some chew toys to keep her mind occupied all day. From the time you brought her home, you just knew that she was going to be a part of your family.

The mutual bond that you share with your pooch is truly something special. As a matter of fact, an article from Scientific American notes that you develop a bond with your pet each time you share eye contact. They note that endorphin increases “have been observed in both dogs and people after enjoyable interactions like petting, play and talking” and that “essentially, interacting with a dog, particularly a known dog, can have some of the same psychophysiological markers as when two emotionally attached people spend time together.” That’s pretty incredible!

Grow the Bond With Your Pet

It’s only natural that a pet and her human will develop such a special bond and of course you’re going to want to get a perfect pet selfie from time to time. Just like posting pictures of ourselves on vacation with our loved ones is something we love doing, sharing photos of our pets is also a special thing to do.

Now there’s no doubt whatsoever that your pet loves you. The endless hours of couch cuddles--or nighttime cuddles up on the bed where you promised yourself you’d never let your pup settle in for the evening--have led to a bond that is incredibly special. That bond, however, doesn’t always translate to the perfect pet selfie! As you have probably found, taking pictures with dogs can be something of a challenge. You end up with a blurry darkish spot on your picture rather than a clear picture of your pooch.

Easy Dog Pictures Are Within Your Reach!

As we mentioned above, you love treating your pup to dog toys and accessories that make them happy. Woofie is the perfect choice for your next purchase because it’s pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face as well as your pet’s!

Put a treat in Woofie, attach it to your smartphone, and take a selfie with your dog. It’s as easy as that! Treat your dog to something tasty and treat yourself to a perfect picture to share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. It really doesn’t get much better than that!

The previously mentioned Scientific American article also notes that sharing a “mutual gaze between dogs and the people who care for them produces a very similar physiological profile to what’s observed between mothers and infants.” The bond is there and now you can capture it easily. Order your Woofie today!