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3 Dog Photography Tips You Have to Try

If you’ve ever tried to take a good picture of your pet, you know that it can often seem like an impossibility. Of course you want to share a photo of your beloved pup on social media for all to see what a cutie he or she is, but doesn’t it just feel like your dog is actively working against you sometimes? Fortunately for you, the team at Model Citizen Pet has you covered with a few dog photography tips that are sure to make your life just a little bit easier. You’re around your dog on a daily basis and you know how cute he or she can be. The rest of the world deserves to know it too!...

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Your Definitive Guide to Taking the Best Dog Pictures for Christmas Cards

Sending out a card around the holidays can be quite a bit of fun. Whether you have a spouse and kids or it's just you and your furry friend, taking a picture to use for a Christmas card can be pretty fun. Getting Fido to cooperate with you so you can snap that perfect picture, though...well, that can be tricky sometimes. Fortunately our team is here to share a few dog photography tips that can help to take your photo from average to extraordinary. If your goal is to perfectly capture the essence of your pup so you can send it off for all the world to see, this is the post for you. Keep reading to learn how to...

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