Make Puppy Photography Fun For Your Dog

If your dogs are anything like ours, getting a good photo of them can be tricky to say the least. Perhaps you’ve tried to take a selfie with your dog and found that he just doesn’t really seem to care all that much about looking at the camera. Maybe you’ve tried to snap a cute dog pic of your pooch playing with her new toy. We’ve been there!

That’s why we had the idea for an interactive pet camera that would help to make sure we could share pictures of our beautiful pets with the world rather than sharing blurry images of our furry friends and they scuttled quickly out of frame. We believe that Woofie is one of the best dog products on the market today thanks to the fact that you can use it with any cell phone and get better pictures.

Take Great Pictures With Your Dogs

We went through quite the thought process before settling on Woofie. Should we make some kind of dog camera that gives treats? What would be the best way to get our pup’s attention? At the end of the day, we decided on creating a pet treat dispenser that could clip onto the camera you already have. This choice allows us to keep costs down because there’s no need to manufacture a camera. Most of us carry our cell phones in our pockets or our purses all the time anyway and those cameras get better by the day.

All you have to do with Woofie is grab your pup’s favorite treat, toss it in the Woofie, attach it to your phone, and take a picture. What that means is that you can finally take a selfie with your dog where he or she is looking attentively at the camera! Or you could choose to make your pet sit and stay, then snap a picture where your pooch is looking lovingly up at you. Well...the truth is he or she is looking at the treat, but nobody else has to know that!

Dog Portrait Photography Just Got Much, Much Easier

There’s no doubt that your four legged friend is the light of your life and we know just how hard it can be to take a decent picture. Rather than having to wrangle your pet to get a half decent picture, Woofie allows you to get his or her attention exactly where you want it to be. We believe that Woofie is one of the best dog accessories around and that now you’ll finally be able to snap the perfect photos that you’ll treasure for years to come.

Get the Most Out of Woofie

Planning to send out a Christmas card this year? Now you can take a perfectly themed photo of you and your pup and your family to send off to friends and family! With the holidays right around the corner, now is the perfect time to grab the perfect picture to send out so everyone can see how cute your furry family member is.

Making photography fun for your dog is a challenge, but with Woofie you and your dog both win; you end up with a great picture of your pooch and your pooch ends up with a great treat--and the knowledge that you’re the best human in existence because you love showering him in tasty treats!

So treat yourself to a Woofie. It’s a win/win situation for you and your pup. You could even add another win in there for the cute holiday picture you’re going to take and make it a win/win/win. Either way, with Woofie, you’re pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your pet’s face. Puppy photography has never been easier! Order your Woofie today.