3 Perfect Opportunities to Grab a Pet Selfie

It’s a topic we’ve discussed a handful of times before, but taking a good pet selfie is much easier said than done. You sit down with your pup and make sure you’re both perfectly posed, then you break out your camera. Once you’re ready to snap a picture, your dog is looking the other way. Undeterred, you get her attention again and pose for the camera. That one doesn’t work either because your dog is blinking.

Needless to say, this is a cycle that repeats itself until you give up, thinking you’ll get the perfect picture later. How many times have you found yourself in this exact situation? Us too!

Of course you love your pooch and you want to share a cute picture of your favorite family member--don’t worry, we won’t tell your brother--with the world.

Woofie to the Rescue!

So how are you supposed to actually get a good picture with your puppy? You’ve tried taking a million pictures with your dog and it’s never quite worked out. We believe that the best camera for pet photography is the one you have with you, but that sometimes you just need a little help to get the right picture.

Woofie is one of the most unique dog accessories online and it’s sure to change everything for you and your pet. She gets a little bit of what she wants (a treat) and you get exactly what you want (the perfect pet selfie)! It’s a win/win situation.

And now that that’s covered, we’d like to present our readers with three perfect opportunities to grab a quick doggy selfie with your four legged friend.

The Perfect Time to Snap Pictures With Your Dogs

At The Holiday Get Together

With the holidays right around the corner, chances are that you may have bought your pup a cute sweater so you can be sure that she keeps warm. You love to treat your dog and the holiday season is the perfect time to do it. Snapping a photo of you and your beloved pooch in matching holiday sweaters is sure to be a huge hit with anyone who is lucky enough to see it.

When You’re Out For a Hike

Your dog absolutely loves to go for walks, so every once in awhile you treat her to something special and head out for a long hike on the nearest trail. The backdrop is so pretty that you just can’t resist pulling a treat out of your bag, tossing it into your Woofie, and taking a selfie with your pet. A beautiful pup, a beautiful backdrop, and a beautiful owner (that’s you!) all in one picture is just about as good as it gets.

After Your Pup’s All Tuckered Out

You just spent the last hour chasing your dog around the yard. In addition to playing tug of war and fetch, your pooch also decided to chase a few squirrels. The end result is a dog who is just plain old tuckered out. This is the perfect time to snap a quick picture! Having a treat loaded into your Woofie in combination with an already tired pet is the ideal recipe for getting a great picture without any distractions for your dog. That’s a win/win situation. And speaking of win/win situations...

Treat Your Dog to a Treat and Treat Yourself to the Perfect Pet Selfie

Every dog owner wants their beloved pooch to be happy. It’s the reason we all look for the best dog toys and accessories to find something new for our pets to enjoy. It’s the reason we have narrowed it down to our pup’s three favorite treats that we know will always get that tail wagging. It’s the reason we want to take a picture with our dogs and share them with the world.

At the end of the day, that’s what Woofie is all about. You get to treat your dog to a tasty morsel of food that makes her mouth water while also ensuring that you get the perfect picture to share with friends and family on social media. It’s the ideal solution to an incredibly common problem. Order a Woofie today and never worry about not getting a good doggy selfie ever again!

Happy Holidays From Our Family To Yours

With the holidays right around the corner, we’d like to take just a second to wish your family nothing but the best! We hope that your special days are filled with plenty of great food, great conversations, and great times playing with your pup. Whether you’re here searching for a little gift for yourself or something special for the dog owner in your life, we’re glad you found us and we hope you get a lot of use out of our product!