3 Dog Photography Tips You Have to Try

If you’ve ever tried to take a good picture of your pet, you know that it can often seem like an impossibility. Of course you want to share a photo of your beloved pup on social media for all to see what a cutie he or she is, but doesn’t it just feel like your dog is actively working against you sometimes? Fortunately for you, the team at Model Citizen Pet has you covered with a few dog photography tips that are sure to make your life just a little bit easier.

You’re around your dog on a daily basis and you know how cute he or she can be. The rest of the world deserves to know it too! You don’t want to pay for professional dog photos, so what are you to do? Keep reading to find out!

How to Take Pictures With Dogs Who Won’t Cooperate

Bribe Your Pooch With Treats

Your pet’s ears immediately perk up and their tails start wagging when they hear the magic words. “Do you want a treat?” Unfortunately as soon as the treat is out of your hand, it’s the treat that’s getting all of the attention and the only picture you can get is one of you dog enjoying a nice snack.

If only there were such a thing as a dog camera that gives treats! Luckily our team has you covered. The Woofie allows you to ensure that your pet’s full attention is exactly where you want it to be. If you’ve ever had trouble getting your pet to look at the camera, this is the perfect product for you. If you’ve found yourself with three dozen unuseable pictures because you couldn’t get your pup to sit still for long enough, you’ve just found the answer. Every dog loves a treat. Having the treat attached to your camera ensures that your dog has plenty of incentive to keep his or her eyes on you!

Choose Your Background Wisely

Another huge challenge that aspiring dog photographers run into is that it’s hard to keep your pet’s attention focused in one place. You’d really like to make sure that Fido stays in front of that pretty tree, but when there are birds and squirrels to look at (and, let’s face it, be distracted by), it’s much harder to get a cute dog pic. Instead you end up with a bit of a blur.

Or perhaps you are in your home and you don’t want to show the dishes in the sink in the background, but you just can’t quite seem to get a picture that actually works. The best dog pictures are the ones that capture your furry friend in all of their glory, yes, but they also take into account what’s in the background. With Woofie, you can ensure that your pet is in the right place as you snap a photo. The result is beautiful dog pictures each and every time. It doesn’t get much better than that!

Take More Photos Than You Need

Of course when you finally get it down and you start getting the pictures you want, the key is to take more than you need. With Woofie, taking pictures with dogs is fun for both you and your pup. The pet treat dispenser attached to your smartphone makes it that much easier. Treat your dog to a little something tasty and he or she is likely to treat you back with a handful of beautiful dog pictures that you can share with your friends and family.

Easy dog pictures have never been simpler and our advice is to take plenty of them! After all, having too many photos to choose from is a much better problem to have than not being able to get a good picture in the first place, isn’t it?

Order Your Own Woofie Today

We hope that these dog photography tips have been helpful and that you have plenty of ideas for cute pictures to take with your dog. Share your beloved pooch with the world with Woofie and stop wondering how to take a picture with your dog. When your dog looks when you take a selfie, it’s just that much easier. Order your own Woofie today!